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Never mind that Taylor Swift isn’t coming to Perth; something better is already booked.

The world-famous ILLUMI Run is hitting Australian shores for the first time since 2016, and Perth will be its first stop on October 26 before venturing to Sydney and Melbourne. 

After a long 7-year hiatus, the ILLUMI Run returns to get you up running, dancing, laughing and grooving. Starting with a 5km run that takes you through four distinct glow zones full of lasers, neon life, slushy bubble-popping and UV lighting. Each zone has different music to boogie to, covering Disco, pop, Kpop and more. All whilst you get cannon blasted with non-toxic neon paint, bubbles and glow water to get you sweating and booty shaking your way to the live DJ waiting for you just past the finish line with all the season’s latest and greatest chart-topping hits.

The perfect sober night out for family and friends. 

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The Illumi Run was that widely missed; super early bird tickets to the run sold out before the event was properly announced and in only 3 days! 

The next round of ticket sales for Perth is on sale now, and for Melbourne and Sydney, pre-sale tickets can still be obtained by signing up for them here. The event has sold out in another 12 major cities worldwide, so they are a hot cake to jump on; make sure you get in line to join the action by clicking on your closest city below. 

ILLUMI RUN dates; 

Luke Hannan, the director of Aratis Events, who is organising the Illumi Run, says,

You do not need to be a runner to participate in Illumi Run. Quite the opposite. Illumi Run is about having fun; we do not time the run. 

The metric we use for success is the size of the smile on your face at the finish line! 

The Best thing about the Illumi Run is it gives anyone of any body type the motivation and excuse to get active, even if it’s just walking around the block or to the bus stop to get ready to walk the 5k course of Illumi Run. You won’t even notice burning calories as you have a great time on the course with your friends and dancing more of them off in our afterparty!”

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With most runners arriving at the DJ stage glowing as bright as the stars in the sky, paint cannons will continue to spray you down 50 litres at a time. So far, Illumi Run has added light to the night with over 129,000 runners worldwide.

The last Illumi Run that came to Australia in 2016 has since been upscaled and made even messier to bring you an unforgettable sober experience with your crew.

Illumi Run is for the whole family to take part in. Kids aged 13-18, as long as they are accompanied by an adult or have visible parental consent, can participate in the race.

As a runner, along with your ticket, you can expect a swag bag worth $45, gifting you a new splash t-shirt, a foam stick, goggles, and a medal to throw over yourself at the finish line. It’s recommended you’ll want to wear some shoes and shorts that you don’t mind getting soggy!

Image source - Illumi Run website

Any goals you smash are personal to you. No one is timing your run here, so you can run, walk, dance, wheel, or do it backwards if you like. Everyone will be there for a party under the sun. 

Luke explains with excitement, 

When Illumi Run came to Australia for the first time, this was a small extension of the Aisan tour that was being operated by the Illumi Run Brand Owners in Singapore”.

“This time, the owners of Illumi Run have partnered with my Australian Events Company- Aratis Events, who are also responsible for bringing The Color Run to Australia, which saw more than 1 Million participants from 2012-2017.  

We also hosted the Electric Run, which set an Australian Record of having a 28,000-person Sydney Event, and the very successful Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge, which saw over 140k Aussies participate in over 7 events). Since its inception in Singapore in 2013, Illumi Run has evolved to focus on greater experience on the course.” 

Knowing how to throw a great party, Luke continues, 

“In Australia, we are creating these experiential events and putting our Australian flavour and knowledge into the events. From the moment you get to Illumi Run, the Party does not stop.

Selfies with mates to share, dance party warm-ups, Start line Party with giveaways, on-course experience, and GLOW zones, and an afterparty not to be missed – Illumi Run has developed to be brimming with energy, excitement, and experience throughout the whole event!”

The ILLUMI Run is held in Perth (October 28), Sydney (November 18), and Melbourne (December 9). For more information about the run, early bird pricing and locations, please visit


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