Our Purpose

To bring you news that makes you feel fresh, not stressed.

Unlike mainstream news channels,

we are a reflection of everything that goes right in the world. Our purpose is to bring you impactful positive news that readjusts and brings balance back to your world perspective, easing the negative bias that has been forcibly cast into our lives.

We have hope in humanity because we constantly see the effect of the powerful will of good people.

The news is supposed to inform you about world events, that includes the good bits too. We are here to occupy that spot and show you the fantastic world that is vital to experience.

Number of times a happy adult smiles in 1 day
Number of times a child smiles in 1 day

Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.

-Hunter S. Thompson

Consuming positive news is more than just a ‘feel good’ activity. It’s transformative for our mental health and physical well being.

When we relieve the pressure of anxiety and stress of world news, images especially, the boost in ‘happy chemicals’ produced by the brain literally builds our bodies to be more resilient to illness. Our minds be more rational, confident and caring. Our drive becomes more focused and determined. 

Imagine how society would thrive if when we woke up, we were met with stories that inspired us to think hopefully and creatively rather than clutch our sickened stomachs and encourage us to look at our neighbour shifty. 

We are all sharing this wild experience of life that will give you the opportunities that you look for. 

If you come across a news story or have written one of your own, and feel like it makes a Jolly good impact, please submit you own news here and we will do our very best to deliver it to our community.  

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