Smile Sanctuary

A place of art that celebrates love, kindness and unity, through song, comic, story and more! 

If you have a comic strip that has a resilient back story or a poem or that moves to motivate, email it to and we will share it with the world!


From a neuroscience perspective, it takes exactly 9 minutes of listening to happy, up beat music to shift your brain onto a more positive track.   We have HOURS of consciously complicated music to keep you feeling sky high.

Art By Stephanie Valla | Concept By Richard Osbourne

I hope this Jolly news has brought to you a smile, 

Brought hope back to your hearts, and makes this all worthwhile. 

Every single day, Magic is around,

Just open up your bright kind eyes to wipe away that frown. 

Don’t focus on the terror, that is always on display. 

Remember there is much more goodness each and every day. 

Stories full of laughter, kindness, joy, it’s true. 

That’s why I want to bring this news, directly up to you. 

A Poem By Jade ‘Jolly’ Ruston

If you have certain skills which could make our portal even jollier than it is, you definitely deserve a seat at our jolly table. Please write to us at briefly describing how you’d like to contribute to our cause and we will get back to you as soon as possible, of course, with a big smile 🙂

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