Written by Jade Ruston


The iridescence of Amadu’s personality is surely one to wonder at. A committed hard worker, devout family man and an exhilarating ora of warmth to all in a constant state of hope for people’s wellbeing.

“The highest human act is to empower, I empower you and you empower me

First and foremost I’m human, my job is secondary, so I always come from a humane point of view. Be human, before all acts of living, meaning, I’m here to offer a service, but I will never lose my humanity to acquire gain”

For those diving deeper with us, here are the seven dimensions of wellness, along with Amadu’s examples of how he ties them into his days;

  • Physical – Amadu maintains a consistent workout regime, noting that movement is essential. He makes sure to prepare his own food and chooses not to consume substances that would negatively affect his health, eg, drugs, alcohol, or excess amounts of junk foods. Your body has to carry you for the rest of its life so it should be number one on the ‘take care of list’ 

  • Emotional – If our body is controlled by the mind, then what controls the latter? You. Amadu makes a key acknowledgement that the way you think and the words you use are incredibly impactful even if they aren’t spoken out loud. Every day, Armi uses a positive mentality to relax his surroundings, push the stress aside and be grateful for the moment that he has, the opportunities that are ahead and the people that stand close beside him. No topic is out of bounds to talk about, meaning that any unconscious stress that the body naturally holds onto, gets released through conversation, out of the body, out of the mind.
  • Intellectual Forever learning, growing, developing your persona. Armi takes pride in harvesting knowledge from everything and anything that he can. One way that he absorbs guidance is through audible books of those who inspire his lifestyle pathway such as, 
  • David Stendl rast
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Jacque Fresco
  • Dalai Lama 
  • Desmond Tutu 
  • Jay Shetty 
  • Buddha 

Just to name a few that you might yourself be interested in listening to. 

Amadu noted, “Many of these people have passed away now, they are people from the past, but they have given us this wisdom of the modern generation to cultivate certain things”

  • Social Surround yourself with joyous people who lift you up just by being in their space. When asked, “Who inspires you to be the man that you are today?” Amadu replied with the most wholesome answer that has ever been heard on The jolly Times so far, 

 “My parents are a huge inspiration to me , their spiritual values, religious values and just by being great humans they inspired me deeply to be who I am today.

My 7 sisters. There’s seven women. I’m the only boy, and they support me deeply, guide me and teach me about life.  

Thirdly, the world. The World of  experiences. There is so much inspiration out there in the world, good and bad. I’m a very open minded person, I just try to grasp from the world every day, every single person I meet, every conversation, I try to understand what they are going through, I try to learn from everyone.”

  • Spiritual. A Lot of people tap out when spirituality is brought into the equation. It’s not about connecting to a specific God, more rather something that is greater than yourself that you build a moral compass around. 

“Spiritually doesn’t, mean you have to be a christian or a muslim, it just means that you are connected with yourself and with nature. My religion is to be human, to be kind”  Said Amadu.  

  • Environmental. We mostly look after our possessions, our bodies and our houses, but what about the one object that we all share together? Our world. We can pick up rubbish, recycle etc.

I spend about 3 hours a day walking, time is also what you make of it.

Sometimes it takes me an hour to walk to work, 

‘But you could get there faster’

Yes, but it’s my sense of joy and happiness to make that journey.”

Occupational. By not succumbing to avaricious habits and bonding his passions to his work, Amadu sustains his occupational health by incorporating all of these things listed above and WAY MORE than we can fit into this article. It’s important to not be on the go all the time and allow yourself that time to shut off, meditate, be in the present moment, be with friends and family, so when it’s time to return to work, you can do so with a productive and clear mindset.

Already your mind might be spinning with ‘buts’ and excuses as to why these basic seven fundamentals won’t be able to be fine tuned, to which Armi has a blunt breakdown, 

“Everything in life comes at a cost, the most important thing in life for me is my health and my mental health. I have a content mindset meaning that I only need a little bit of everything. I don’t need that car, I don’t need that expensive house. It’s important to work within your limits, 

If you’re trying to get a car that’s 100,000, that comes at a financial cost, a mental cost, so you may be stressing about that a little bit.

Relationships. It may be healthy but now and then there are going to be struggles in that relationship. Everyone needs to find a middle ground of not having so many expectations in life, try and be grateful for what you have, yes try and push to acquire more, but be humble at the same time.

To get money people wake up and work from 9 until 6pm, but they won’t put any time in for the progress of their mental health every day.” 

Do you feel inspired? I feel inspired. If you’re in the Melbourne area and want access to his training, you can reach out on his website at AKFitness and begin unlocking all of your greatest aspects. You can see for yourself on his instagram you can also learn techniques from his YouTube channel. Amadu koroma is the healthy kind of influencer you need brightening up your social media feed rather than mindless materials, so do yourself a good deed of the day and check him out.



Written by, Jade Ruston

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