An incredible rescue is underway from the Qatar armed forces regarding an all girl Afghan Robotics team. The innovative team of ten are currently in the midst of an evacuation following the recent collapse of their home country to the hands of the Taliban. 

The girls already had media outlets zoning in attention after receiving small fame for the works they are pursuing. Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Ibrahim AlHashmi said that they coordinated the evacuation directly with representatives of the Digital Citizen Fund, who is the robotics team’s parent organization

It has been reported that  Roya Mahboob, an Afghan business executive and founder of the Digital Citizen Fund, contacted a Qatari diplomat about the girls on August 13th. Days later, the girls met with that government’s ambassador to Afghanistan “in a secure location,” AlHashmi said. “He escorted them safely to the airport, where they were evacuated to Doha in a plane arranged by Qatar’s armed forces.”

Whilst a few team members are still awaiting a flight out of Afghanistan, and discussion about how to safely connect family are underway, they have been inundated with offers of scholarships from prestijucie U.S universities should they wish to journey there. We will keep as up to date as possible with the progression of these tremendously determined young women, wish them all the best, aid them all the best as much as we can do, and aid others around us to be the best that they can be.

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