Written by Jade Ruston


Across Australia, a company named GFG Alliance who proudly claim to be huge champions in a sustainable steel, aluminium and renewable energy field, employ a whopping 6,500 people. However, one employee has gone above and beyond for his comrades. Brad Hannam, a 25 year old fitter and turner, who has worked for GFG for 3.5 years so far, has so far raised $6,530 for the Black Dog institute, Mullets for Mental Health $5,000 of which was generously donated by the CEO of GFG. The page, Mining Mullets, is set to support people going through roughness with their mental health. 1 in 5 Australians experience symptoms within a year which in Australia amounts to around 5 million Aussies. Around 60% of those will keep their feelings to themselves and Brad is “keeping his ears open” for absolutely anybody that needs it. 

The Jolly times interviewed Mr Hannam about how his inspiration to help came to fruition; 

“It all started when I wanted to grow my mullet back. I was scrolling through my TikTok feed and saw the charity being advertised there. I thought it was a recognisable cause to get behind to start more conversations about health. 

We did have a target to reach $10,000 by September, but once we reach that, then we are just going to keep raising money there is no need to stop there.”

When asked about the amazing $5,000 contribution from his company, Brad said, “I just emailed our CEO all about the cause and asked if he would be willing to donate towards it. The $5,000 took us over our halfway point right away.”

You can donate to Mullets for Mental Health online at: 

And for those of you taking another step, The Jolly Times would love a photo of your mullet. The more outrageous, the better. 

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