Maz: Friendliest Good Boy

A two legged Labrador by the name of Maz has been rescued from Afghanistan after a viral video of the “friendliest dog” online reached the phone of UK NHS Doctor, Helene Svinos. 

Back in 2013, Maz was hit by a car which had crushed both of his back legs, leaving him homeless and struggling around the streets. Helene saw that despite his severe injuries, Maz was “full of joy”, and wanted to look after him. 

Louise Hasty, who is a former soldier who rescues dogs from war zones and an old friend of Dr Svinos, made contact to fly Maz to Kabul and eventually home to the UK. Despite having both of his back legs amputated after they were fused together, Helene reports thats he refuses to wear wheels or walking aids as he is super happy and upbeat loving to “scuttle around as fast as lightning”. Helene also has another six rescue dogs that keep him company when he’s scared of the rain or wants to play rolling around in the mud.


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