Submitted by Lisa Wilkes and her friend kayla. 

KitKat Sushi was found in a bucket during a rainstorm when she was just a baby. Her siblings got adopted, but she was the smallest one in the litter, so she kept getting overlooked. Her mama, Lisa, wanted a cat for years. When she heard KitKat’s story, she knew she had to meet this sweet girl. It was love at first sight! KitKat went home with Lisa that day and met her new sister, a rescue doggy named Stella.

KitKat didn’t like Stella at first, because she was so big and energetic! But they became fast friends; within a week, they were cuddling and playing with each other. KitKat is six years old now and she has a brother, too, a male cat named Boston Binx. It’s a full household with three pets and two humans, plus several foster animals. But KitKat likes the constant excitement. And she loves to find the sunniest spot in the apartment and curl up in the light. She also enjoys getting treats; she’s very food-motivated, so she comes running anytime there is a fun new snack to devour. She’s been known to catch a tiny bug mid-air, because she is a fierce hunter! Mom told her not to eat lizards. They crawl under the door and get inside occasionally, since KitKat lives in the tropical state of Florida. So KitKat does it in secret now. She’s pretty sure her mom doesn’t know.

KitKat is a feisty girl who will let you know when she has had enough attention. She likes her alone time but also enjoys companionship… on her own terms. She’s a little firecracker. Her mom says she’s a very unique kitty with lots of personality, which KitKat takes as a compliment! She knows she is perfect exactly as is. She poses for the camera to show the whole world her supermodel side. But only when she feels like it, of course 🙂

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