Hermey The Chonk

Herman or as he’s affectionately referred to “Hermey The Chonk” is a rescue cat that’s developed a taste for the finer things in life. Weighing in at almost 7 kg he’s deceptively quick and loves a long play in the late afternoon after he’s caught up on his beauty sleep. For Herman’s owners it was love at first sight. Informed by the lady running the rescue that he was an “unknown quantity” it didn’t take long for Herman to settle into his new role as house cat and cuddle buddy. The many scars on his ears tell of his wilder youth on the streets, where no doubt his size and speed made him a formidable opponent. He also lost one of his main front teeth at some point, so requires special dental cat biscuits. He eats these by carefully removing one from the bowl, then moving it to the floor where he chomps into it with his remaining canine. The crunching can be heard anywhere in the apartment. Despite this slowing his eating, it hasn’t helped him lose any weight. Herman’s favourite things are his morning brush – which he reminds his owners of as soon as he sees they’ve awoken – and, when he’s lucky enough, an evening tuna and beef broth. You can follow Herman’s adventures on Instagram, including his newest love, a giant red beanbag.

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