By Jade Ruston for Danielle and Michael Hamilton 

Meet Dotty, an enchanting canine companion whose soulful eyes have the uncanny ability to make you feel as though you’re a puddle of melted butter on the inside.

She loves to sneak off for culinary adventures and will quality test food at whatever the cost. And when those munchies strike, they STRIKE with a force that can’t be ignored. Dotty once got into her food bag and at so much he whole belly looked like a hot air ballon! 

And like most of us, she can’t resist the call to devour freshly made brownies when her mum and dad aren’t looking. This load she got her paws into were space brownies and saw her fly off to the vet and have one of the best snuggly pampery rests she’s ever had in her whole life. 

That’s a quality food tester! 

Image - supplied
image - supplied

Dotty’s energy is a whirlwind— between a speedy blur of activity and serene slumber, her voracious appetite for both food and rest is both endearing and relatable.

Any surface, at any hour, is fair game for her impromptu nap sessions—even if that means becoming a makeshift pillow for her on your own noggin.

Image - supplied
Image - supplied

“She’s either 100 miles and hour or she’s asleep. Will do absolutely anything for food and as you can see, will sleep anywhere she wants to. We love her to bits and treat her like she’s out little baby.” – Dani Hamilton – mum. 

In hundreds of hearts, Dotty holds a position beyond compare. She is showered with love and care, nothing less than a cherished family member, basically a child.

Her presence fills our days with immeasurable joy.

But amidst all her quirks and cravings, there’s a furry friend who knows how to love. Dotty’s affections are genuine, her loyalty unwavering. She’s a pup that understands the language of love, and her favorite thing to love is you.

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Image - supplied

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