Excited to start a new life” Mr Abidi and his family fled the take over of the Taliban to Kabul where they were greeted by soldiers eagerly trying to get them and many others to safety. 

When Australian soldiers and troops took us to the airport, we experienced many difficulties outside the gate because of the crowds, because of the Taliban,” said the father of three, Erfanullah Abidi. “They had checkpoints and were beating people.

“The kids were crying and I just told them that Australian soldiers would help us.”

Mr Abidi said that they made sure his 6 year old Mowahid was especially comfortable. 

“The soldiers and army officers encouraged him … and they brought him many toys, many balls,” he said.

“They played football and handball with him and encouraged him and supported him.

“It was the first time that he was experiencing such support.”

“I’ve shown Mowahid on my smartphone and on TV what Australia looks like and what opportunities he will have. I told him that he will go to school, find new friends, have toys and play in the parks,” Mr Abidi said.

“I’m sure that we will have a good and bright future.”

After their release from hotel quarantine last Thursday, the family have entered temporary accommodation whilst they get the feel for their new land. Young Mowahid, his siblings, parents and grandparents, now have a place where they can be peaceful and have their freedom which is the right of every person on this planet. 

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