By Lisa Wilkes and her friend Kayla 

Frank is a rescue kitty who was adopted from a nonprofit called Operation Kindness when he was just a tiny kitten. He is a beautiful gray cat, possible a Russian blue. His mama, Kayla, was in her mid-twenties and wanted a companion for her other kitty, also a rescue, named Mr. Bing. The other cats at the rescue organization didn’t do so well with siblings, but Frank was a very social kitty. He enjoyed being around other cats. Plus, he was incredibly affectionate. So he was the perfect choice.

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Frank is a simple boy. He loves treats, toys, and catnip. Most of all, he loves to snuggle! Frank was very sick when he was a kitten, probably because he had a rough start to life before Operation Kindness scooped him up. He had a fever and he was a little lethargic, so his mom made sure to get him the best medical care. Frank recovered from those issues. Now he is perfectly healthy. He’s missing a few teeth but that’s okay. He chews his food like there’s no problem at all, and he cuddles so much that he gives new meaning to the term “Velcro kitty.” This sweet boy loves to be held. He purrs so loudly, people can probably hear it from across the street! This handsome man is pure love, in feline form.

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