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An undisputable dynamo effect. His energy is contagious. It’s liberating. It’s FUN. He leads every day with the same question of “What can I add to someone’s day to make it a bit better?” and has built an empire of health within some of the world’s most body taxing industries known to man. 

After a rewarding yet gruelling 38 tremendous years working in Law enforcement, Roger Sutherland became a qualified nutritionist and has been around the block and back again, helping people, shift workers specifically, live fruitfully by reconnecting our fatigued bodys’ with the natural mood boosters, over our treasured synthetic replacements with his touring business, A Healthy Shift. 

Described as ‘A man of the people’ his lauded energy provokes stirs of curiosity and a ‘need to have’ attitude within members of the public who merely seem to be surviving the days as they go by. 

“I always use the expression ‘Don’t dance to the music that’s playing. Put on the music to dance to.’ and I really, really strongly believe in that every day.” 

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Source - A Healthy Shift Instagram

A Healthy shift is a business that holds its purpose proudly in its name. Rogers ambition is to shift your health from a negative space into a positive one mentally, physically and habitually. Most of his methods are free, accessible and evidently proven by A) Science B) Himself C) A blazing track record of gratefulness from audience after audience who see their lives changing for the better under his guidance and coaching.  

His holistic approach doesn’t begin with ab crunches and lunges, they incorporate a host of habits that can be suited to any lifestyle no matter the country or profession. Roger mindfully tailors individual plans directly towards your circumstances, understanding that not everybody can stick to a regular meal plan or gym work outs. 

Roger Sutherland has an empathetic perspective with his clients because he’s been in the trenches himself. He’s lived through the aches and pains, fatigue and brain fog, irregular diet you name it, he’s done it and can help. 

By booking in a one on one consultation, or browsing through his online content, you are providing yourself with masterfully curated health advice delivered with such honest fervour that there is no going back to inaction on your health after this. It’s so easy. Roger explains a few ways that he takes care of his day to day wellbeing. 

Source - A Healthy Shift Instagram

“I’m a firm believer, a really firm believer of actually just spreading the good to other people because it all comes back, and it’s always fun the way it comes back.” He beamed. “I’ve learnt to practise gratitude and to rewire those neural pathways to start to look for the good instead of actually focusing on the negative. Through this particular activating system in our brain, I want to try and reprogram my brain to see good and to cope with good and actually not expose myself to the negative side of things. So I cope with things a lot better.”

Each and every one of us is a product of our environment. We can’t help what happens around us, but we can help how we choose to react. During his career Roger often came face to face with significant trauma that began to take a toll on his health. With unwavering support from his family and friends and practising what he’s now preaching, Roger rebuilt with ferocious determination the path to sustainably heal and is now teaching thousands how to reprogram.  

It is all about listening to your body and understanding the natural cycles. Do you actually know what hunger feels like? Do you know what you’re hungry for? 

“Sometimes you might think ‘I want something sweet, or I want some milk’ or something like that, when actually you’re lacking maybe a bit of Zinc or a little bit of iron or something like that. 

A lot of people they’ve just lost touch with their own attunement as to what it is they actually want, and they’re not in touch with where they are on the hunger scale to eat, and how far do I need to stop. Because what happens is, we literally get hungry and then we eat and eat and then all of a sudden we’re so grossly full.”

Source - A Healthy Shift Instagram

Stress – We can’t help what happens around us, but we can help how we choose to react. 

“I love my meditation because I’ve got such a busy mind. 

At first I honestly didn’t believe that I could meditate. I thought it’s not for me because my mind’s too busy. How wrong.

 I need to meditate.

With meditation you’re actually cutting a path to open all those neural pathways. It changed the way I looked at life in every way and I can’t explain it. And if you’re a solid meditator, you will realise how much it can literally change you. I can feel quite overwhelmed at times but I can just sit there and go into a little meditation and I just feel so much better.

There’s so many different ways of sorting your mind out. But we underestimate the power of meditation, the world would be so much more of a happier place if everyone was taught meditation at school.”

Stress manifests itself from our body in so many different ways it can be hard to notice how much the effects are taking a toll, which is why it is so important to consistently face stress head on and process it out so we can function well roundedly. 

Next are two more habits that Roger uses to protect his health and daily outlook. 

Media consumption – We can’t help what happens around us, but we can help how we choose to react. 

“I don’t tune into the news because it’s so manufactured between politics, the media outlets are so manipulated to send a particular message and agenda. If you know the right professionals, then you speak to the actual experts in these areas and you find out the news is not actually the way it’s been portrayed, that’s the thing that’s really, really disappointing around that. Positive media. This is why we need more things out there showcasing good things, the things that bring us joy and things that send us to bed with inspiration. Give people hope because that’s all. You have got to give people hope. You got to.”

The Jolly Times Newspaper is full of inspirational every day news

Sky before screen – yes no phone as soon as you open your eyes…. Waaah. 

“If you wake up, open your blinds, lie there or even sit on the end of your bed and sit outside with your coffee in the light as it’s coming up. If you think about it, that light getting brighter is telling your body ‘okay we’re out of the sleep zone.’ We’re suppressing our hormones, our sleep hormones, we’re going to start releasing our cortisol and our other hormones to get us going and get us up and about, and we will continue on through the day really well. We’ve reset our circadian rhythm. We have then given our brain a chance to actually start processing and start to set our intentions for the day before we absorb it with all of the poop that comes from our phone.” 

Us humans are funny. We spend hours and hours of our lives looking to throw our money at the magic fix for our bodies online, thinking we know what it means to do the work. In reality, all we have to do is make a choice, because the most helpful health tools are absolutely free. Journaling free. Meditation free. Sleep free. Daylight free. Knowing yourself free. 

It’s easier said than done which is why Rogers energy is so unique and an absolute must to get on board with. One of his most beneficial resources free for you to use is the A Healthy Shift podcast where you can hear the expert himself chat with other experts. He’s on instagram, he’s online. If you see a tall man bounding down the streets greeting warm hellos to passers by, that is also most probably him!

A final note from Roger, 

“Be present. Present with where you are and what you’re doing. Enjoy the small things. Enjoy every breath, enjoy every scene.”


Book Recommendations in his own words

Who moved my cheese​​​​​​​​

Essential reading.​​​​​​​​Takes less than an hour to read and teaches you how to deal with change in both work and life.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Atomic Habits​​​​​​​​

One of the finest books ever written. ​​​​​​​​Teaches you how to focus on the 1% and not the big goal.​​​​​​​​

“It’s never the goal that fails. It’s always the processes you put in place to achieve it”​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Life Times​​​

Mind-blowingly good. Teaches you all about our internal body clock and the fascinating impacts it has in so many areas of our health and life.​​​​​​​​



Just wow. We breathe 25,000 times a day but the majority of us do it wrong. This contributes to so many health issues in itself. Get your breath right and your life changes.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​The Hungry Brain​​​​​​​​

Why does food just seduce us into overeating?​​​​​​​​Then we get miserable and overeat to eat those feelings.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​The Joy of Half a Cookie​​​​​​​​

Relying on restriction and willpower for fat loss just doesn’t work long-term.​​​​​​​​

Learn how to use a mindfulness approach to eating that will change the way you look at and how you feel about food.​​​​​​​​

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